Australia. The land Down Under. A place with so much beauty and diversity. A great destination for work, study and travel. A country renowned for its picturesque coast, formidable beaches and a haven for adventure.

Is there a more perfect place on Earth to combine study and travel than here?

Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad with The Hotel School is more than just a student exchange program. It will transform your stay in Australia into an Ƶapp of a lifetime.

Whether you are considering a visit to the Opera House in Sydney, or a trip through the sinuous curves of The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, there is always something exciting to do between classes.

You will be able to build strong relationships with like-minded students from different parts of the world. The connections you will make will accompany you for life and you will be part of a Global Community.

How it works

The Study Abroad program offers you the opportunity to choose 1 of 5 programs. By successfully completing the units of study of your chosen Study Abroad program at The Hotel School, you will get credit back to your home institution.

Work Experience

You can also combine your study with industry Ƶapp through Work Ready Program. Work Ready Program is comprised of 4 units of internship, giving you the chance to get practical, on-the-job training. The internship component allows you to work full-time in Australia for a 6 month period in hospitality, tourism, or hotel industries.

Program Options

The undergraduate program is designed so that students complete a single study session of academic study at The Hotel School, followed by an optional session of internship.

The internship session is offered through The Hotel School with a tourism/hospitality organisation at a range of locations around Australia. During the internship, students are provided with advice?and academic supervision by their lecturers. Ongoing support and feedback on career development are also available with access to the Universitys employment and career information website.

Alternatively, you can choose to complete the single session of academic study only, and you have the option to complete 3 or 4 units of study.

We also offer a postgraduate program where you can complete a single session of academic study (3 units of study).

Who should apply

Anyone who is currently enrolled in a Bachelor or Master degree is eligible to apply for the Study Abroad program.


  • Live and work in a world-renowned tourism destination
  • Travel across Australia and Ƶapp its wonders
  • Improve your intercultural communication skills
  • Develop an international network
  • Make new friends and create everlasting memories

Academic Units

Students will be required to choose either a 3 or 4 unit program for their first session. Students will need to liaise with The Hotel School to see what subjects are on offer.

For bachelor units and course guides, visit?.?For master units and course guides, visit?.

Work Ready Program

In addition to undertaking the minimum 3 academic units, it is mandatory for all Study Abroad students to complete the Work Ready Program if they are undertaking the internship as part of the Study Abroad full program. This Work Ready Program is a complimentary add-on for these students.

The Work Ready Program introduces the skills necessary to move from the classroom into hospitality organisations, specifically for the 6-month internship, and includes the range of skills incorporated in the employment process such as customer service, the language of hospitality and professionalism and expectations of the workplace.


An internship offers an authentic Ƶapp of professional service and workplace practice within hospitality industries.

Undergraduate students undertaking the Study Abroad program combined with internship may gain Ƶapp in any sector of tourism or hospitality.

Students undertaking Internship will complete 6 months (minimum 600 hours) of internship. Internship opportunities may be paid or unpaid. Paid opportunities generally start at $25.26 per hour and are based off a students existing work Ƶapp. Unpaid opportunities are generally more specialised.

The Hotel School has connections to leading hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality and tourism organisations that will help you take your classroom skills into the workplace. With thousands of opportunities to choose from, you may find paid positions as an administration assistant, airline passenger officer, attendant care worker, bar attendant, caterer, concierge, events attendant, sales attendant, gaming worker, hotel/motel front office attendant, and much more.

Internships may be undertaken across Australia and Asia-Pacific. They are a unique part of our degrees, designed to assist in working out which career pathway is best suited to you and to add valuable Ƶapp to your career.

For more information on internships, please visit?

How To Apply

For details about the application process, please visit?/apply/international-applications/

CRICOS code for Study Abroad: 114985F (Undergraduate)? 114986E (Postgraduate)

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