The Hotel School was founded in 1989 as an integral part of InterContinental Sydney with the vision of creating Australias best talent in Hospitality.

From the outset, The Hotel School focused on developing future leaders who would also possess the practical skills required to operate a business.

The courses offered at the Hotel School focus on hotel operational skills, management practice in the tourism and hospitality industry and the skills needed for continued learning in a changing global business environment. Students develop into dedicated professionals with qualifications that are recognised and highly regarded internationally.

For 35 years, it has been operating. The Hotel School has perfected education to prepare graduates to deliver World Class Hospitality.

This means students are prepared to live and work in a demanding and challenging globalised environment.

The Hotel School is a unique partnership between Southern Cross University, an Australian public university, and Mulpha Australia, a major investor in the hotel industry.

The Hotel School History Timeline

1989 Our Beginning The Hotel School was founded in 1989 as an integral part of InterContinental Sydney.?
1991 Award? InterContinental Hotel won New South Wales Training and Education Tourism Award.
1994 Sydney Campus Relocated? The Hotel School Sydney moved into separate premises, another historic Treasury building.
1996 Partnership with SCU THS InterContinental Sydney & SCU form the first partnership in the country between an Australian hotel & university.
1998? Bachelor Students Graduated First Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management students graduated.
2007 Mulpha? Mulpha purchased InterContinental Sydney.
2011 Award? Work Integrated Learning received Australian Award for University Teaching (Australian Learning & Teaching Council).
2015? Melbourne Campus Opened? Melbourne campus opened for business at Level 3 / 399 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne CBD.
2015? Postgraduate Courses Launched? The Hotel School launched Master, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma programs.
2019 Brisbane Campus Opened? Brisbane campus opened for business at Level 13 / 127 Creek Street in Brisbane CBD.
2019? Diploma Course Launched The Hotel School launched Diploma of Hotel Management program.
2019 Maximum Admitted Students 902 students were admitted across all campuses.
2020 Associate Degree Launched The Hotel School launched Associate Degree of International Hotel and Tourism Management program.
2021 Hayman Campus Opened? Hayman Island campus opened for business on InterContinental Hayman Island Resort.
2023 2500 Graduates There are 2500 graduates of The Hotel School in academic partnership with SCU.