‘Guilty’: Does it matter? UOW expert on Trump conviction

‘Guilty’: Does it matter? UOW expert on Trump conviction

Professor Markus Wagner says Trump's felony conviction will shake the foundations of fragile US political system

United States constitutional law expert Professor Markus Wagner is available for interview regarding Donald Trump’s felony conviction and whether he can still run for presidency in the upcoming election.

Professor Wagner says Trump’s felony conviction is bound to shake the foundations of the fragile political system that is characterising the United States at the moment.

“Whether his conviction in a trial court in New York is merely a bump in the road or accelerates a pathway to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will remain to be seen,” Professor Wagner said.

“But there are several questions that will follow from this unanimous verdict on all counts, including whether he can run as a candidate in the upcoming election, whether he will appeal and whether states can block Trump’s candidacy because they are responsible for running the elections.

“No matter what happens during sentencing in July, we can expect that Donald Trump will continue to break not the law at that stage, but political and democratic norms that are essential to holding countries together.

“It is worth bearing in mind what Trump was convicted of: it wasn’t the payment of the hush money itself, but rather trying to cover up that he used his business funds to cover up his affair.”

is an internationally recognised expert in international economic law and governance, international peace and security, as well as US and Australian constitutional law. He is the Director of the Transnational Law and Policy Centre at the Ƶapp of Ƶapp

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